Sunday, 26 July 2015

Raising the brows

Like many I have been cautious of the HD brow look, especially as my brows are already dark. However a while back I picked up a Makeup Revolution "Focus & Fix Brow Kit" and considering it was only £2.50 it is definitely a beauty bargain and has now become part of my makeup routine.For a long time I haven't bothered to do anything to my brows during my makeup routine (of course I have been shaping and tweezering and all that jazz) but since I have been adding a bit of colour to fill in any gaps and some wax to keep them looking sleek I am now a convert. A little goes a long way and it really does make a difference to the overall look of the makeup. One to keep adding into the beauty bag! 
Focus & Fix Brow Kit Light - Medium
Image from makeup revolution store

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