Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Saving It For Sunday

Sunday is the day I like to relax and catch up with bits and pieces around the house that the working week has not allowed me to do. Although I am on the fussy side with the house and I do need to force myself to enjoy the good weather when it decides to make an appearance rather than making sure everything is completely perfect.

Today was a bit of slow starter but I have managed to bake a load (in the bread maker)| - Earl Grey, Rose Tea and Banana - see recipe in yummy recipes. (I felt like doing something different)

Managed to get a picnic in as well but cheated and decided to eat it in the back garden as didn't want to drink my fizz out of a plastic glass :)

I don't know what everyone else gets up to on a Sunday but I think some kind of Sunday plan of action as the day seems to tick on and it's Monday again! 

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