Sunday, 15 November 2015

Getting organised for the Christmas season.

I am a natural organiser (this is why I do organise for a living) and this sometimes drives those around me little crazy. I like to have a plan for events, I like to know where I am going, how am I going to get there and what I am going to wear. With me the devil really is the detail and I make no apologies for this, someone needs to take control and get everything done - is it just a fact of life that things need organising and this definitely includes Christmas.....

Top tips for Christmas cheer


Make a list of all the people that you need to buy gifts for and set aside a realistic budget for each gift.
Not all gifts need to come in fancy packaging, can you make a pamper set yourself with individual items? Although this seems like more work it often means better value for money as gift set boxes usually come in smaller sized bottles and are simply bulked out with packaging. Bows, cellophane and ribbon are your crafty best friends.


Once you have decided on some gift ideas spend some time searching online for the best deals. This is a win win situation - shopping from the comfort of the sofa. Online shopping can help to eliminate impulse buys.

Old is just as good as new

Take out all the old Christmas decorations before buying new. It is hard to draw ourselves away from the shiny glitter baubles in the shops but how are the ones looking from last year?

Think like a squirrel and store!

Pick up some Christmas items each time you do a food shop rather than all in one go but remember to keep a log of what you already brought. Sounds like hard work? Simply keep the receipt and use a highlighter to mark the the Christmas items purchased and staple all the receipts together. Voila! Instant spreadsheet!

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