Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pasta, pasta, pasta

Tagliatelle for him

Easy yet delicious pasta

When I get in from work I like to tuck into a decent meal but I am not so keen on spending ages cooking after a long day at the office. This pasta recipe is so easy! Filling and tasty - just add a glass wine for a Friday feeling :)


3 x Shallots
4-5 Bundles of frozen spinach
2 x slices of good quality smoked ham
Plenty of mushrooms
Cream cheese
Mixed herbs

Into a frying pan add a generous helping of butter & add chopped shallots
Add mushrooms to the melted butter and coat shallots and mushrooms
Add black pepper and mixed herbs
Add defrosted spinach bundles
Scoop a generous helping of cream cheese and milk and if required thicken sauce with a small amount of cornflour
Allow sauce to thicken
Chop up ham and add to sauce base
Add boiled & drained pasta and mix in
Tortellini for her

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