Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Time is ticking on 2016


 It is the same every year, Christmas ends and attentions instantly turn towards the "dreaded" NYE party. Many people hate NYE but I don't really see what the problem is, it's just another reason to party and mark the end of the festive season properly. I don't understand the people that tear down the Christmas tree on boxing day, for me the Christmas break is over once it hits 1st Jan, it is only then I am prepared to part with the fairy lights, glitter decorations and the garland hanging invitingly on the front door.

Goals and Objectives

Every year I set myself some kind of new year goal to maintain throughout the year and if I am being honest it isn't long until I am back doing what I said I wouldn't and this can leave me feeling slightly deflated.
Instead of having a traditional resolution this year I am going to set myself mini goals and objectives that I can work towards, for example I plan to have more adventures, take more mini breaks and learn a new skills. The reason why I am doing this is because I feel that this will help me map out my year ahead which I feel is more productive than trying to look for flaws that I need to change and alter as a part of my "resolution".

Get Planning

My advice is that if you are looking towards the new year for a fresh start the best plan of action is to use a calendar to plan key activities and events that you feel you MUST attend whilst leaving plenty of time for spontaneous outings. (save some cash for these types of days - think rainy day fund). If something is booked into a calendar it is more likely to happen as it gives time for saving and planning.

The thought of a new year can be scary as I always wonder "what will happen" but this is the same thought that we should have everyday as things really do change from one day to the next. My plans this year are all based upon personal goals and objectives. These goals may not mean much to anyone else but they are important to me so they are going on the list.

Do you have any plans for 2016?

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