Sunday, 14 August 2016

Clean up your act, cleaner makeup brushes = clearer skin

Day in,day out I sit at my dressing table applying my makeup and over time the brushes I am using are getting more and more covered in makeup. Admittedly it begins to look gross on those lovely brushes and these gunky brushes can sometimes be the cause of those under the skin breakouts.

I have to admit I do not clean my brushes on a weekly basis, however I definitely think it is something I should and will be adding to my weekly beauty routine (prompted by the amount of makeup I saw come off the brushes today after a good cleanse!)
You wouldn't ever dream about not cleansing and toning your face right? I think I have been neglecting my makeup brushes...

I didn't have any shop bought  makeup brush cleaner at home so I put together my own brush cleaning mixture and it really helped me "clean up my act".

Homemade Brush Cleaner 

First of all you are going to need a big jar to soak and swirl your brushes around in. I used a thoroughly cleaned out pickle jar (I ran this jar through the dishwasher 3 times & soaked off the label)

For the brush cleaner

  • A generous amount of micellar water - this will be base of the your brush cleaner so use plenty
  • A few drops of baby oil - I found that this helped draw out the gunk from the brushes 
  • A generous amount of toner - I used a Boots Witch hazel and tea tree toner as both ingredients have antibacterial properties
  • A few squirts of facial cleanser - I used Good Things Stay Clear Anti Blemish Cleanser 
  • A small amount of Simple's Gentle Care shampoo

Time for the clean up 

Once you have added all this to the jar, replace the lid and give the mixture a good shake (imagine you shaking up fantastic cocktail).
Add your brushes (brush side down) and swirl them around in the liquid 
Rinse with warm water until the brushes run clear and reshape the brushes whilst wet



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